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Featuring Singapore-based actors like Veena Puthran Bangera, Rachna Anand, Gurdip Singh, Nidhi Chopra Khanna, Pankaj Kumar, Neil Daswani, Edmund Chow, Hannah Wong, Jawahar Kanjilal and Tejas Chitaliya, Saahasi: Dateline Singapore is a bold take on the changing ethos of journalism.  

Set in the backdrop of a gang rape victim who is brought to Singapore from India for medical treatment, the film explores the clash of values between old journalism and new journalism, which is more aggressive and TRP-driven, through two characters, Gurdip and Garima.


Gurdip grew up in Singapore and is a veteran print media journalist. Garima is a young and dynamic go-getter who comes to Singapore to cover the developing story of the gang-rape victim for a TV news channel back in India. In the pursuit of the story, the two journalists come head to head on many occasions. Where does this clash lead them as professionals and are they able to discover their humanity beyond the scoop they are after?


Supported by a talented cast, this film examines one of the most important issues of our media-saturated times and questions the ethics of an industry that has turned news into a business like any other.


Saahasi is produced and directed by Singapore-based writer and filmmaker Zafar Anjum. His

previous directorial ventures include The Singapore Vignettes (released globally on one of India's leading OTT platforms, MXPlayer) and The Sacrifice (released on Disney+Hotstar).


Producer & Director

Zafar Anjum


Executive Producers

Sunita Lad Bhamray

Gurdip Singh

Veena Puthran Bangera

Story idea by

Gurdip Singh



Sunita Lad Bhamray


Cinematography & Stills by

Srikanth Gumma



Anshul Tiwari

Line Producer

Tanvi Kothary

Production Design

Ayana Chatterjee


Vaibhav Totla



Gurdip Singh, Veena Puthran Bangera, Rachna Anand, Nidhi Chopra Khanna, Pankaj Kumar, Neil Daswani, Edmund Chow, Hannah Wong, Jawahar Kanjilal and Tejas Chitaliya


(For press and sales)


Zafar Anjum

Filmwallas Pte Ltd


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